The Schenker correspondence, diaries, and lessonbooks are widely disseminated within Europe and the USA. Currently, four major collections are known, in addition to which there are smaller holdings in other libraries and archives, and in private possession.

University of California at Riverside, Oswald Jonas Memorial Collection (c. 5,000 letters)

A collection of materials (c. 75,000 leaves) entrusted by Schenker's wife to the musicologist Erwin Ratz, who passed them in the 1950s to his former teacher, Oswald Jonas (himself a former pupil of Schenker), who had by then settled in the USA. The collection was deposited at UC Riverside in the late 1970s. It comprises Schenker's diaries; the bulk of his correspondence, spanning 1888-1935; his theoretical, critical, and analytical works, and editions, in MS, proof, and published versions; scores; his own compositions; as well as the papers of Jonas and of Schenker's friend Moriz Violin. A checklist of the materials has been published and is available online.

Lang, Robert, and Kunselman, JoAn, comps. Heinrich Schenker, Oswald Jonas, Moriz Violin: A Checklist of Manuscripts and Other Papers in the Oswald Jonas Memorial Collection. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1994.
Online Edition:

New York Public Library, Ernst Oster Collection (c. 1,650 letters)

A collection of Schenker's working papers and scores entrusted by Schenker's wife to Ernst Oster (a student of Oswald Jonas) in the late 1930s, brought by him to New York, and deposited at the NYPL in 1979/80. It includes letters from the publishers Universal Edition of Vienna and Drei Masken Verlag of Munich, and to and from others, spanning his entire career; it also includes Schenker's lessonbooks and lesson notes, and his scrapbook preserving clippings from newspapers and journals. The collection was preserved and catalogued in 1988-90 with funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities and a high-quality finding-list published. The entire collection is available on microfilm.

Kosovsky, Robert, comp. The Oster Collection: Papers of Heinrich Schenker: A Finding List. New York: New York Public Library, 1990.

The Library also holds papers of Felix Salzer, including correspondence between him and Schenker. A finding-list for these materials is currently in production.

Vienna, Wienbibliothek im Rathhaus, formerly Wiener Stadt- und Landesbibliothek (c. 440 letters)

408 letters, mostly in Schenker's hand, to his principal publisher, Universal Edition of Vienna, and 35 from UE to Schenker, spanning 1908-31, on long loan from Universal Edition since 1976, and also correspondence with Otto Erich Deutsch (24 items), Albert Franz Seligmann (17), Karl Weigl (4), Artaria (1), and Johannes Brahms (1). There is no published catalogue.

Marbach, Schiller Nationalmuseum/Deutsches Literaturarchiv: Cotta-Archiv (Stiftung der Stuttgarter Zeitung) (179 letters)

Letters from Schenker to his publisher J. G. Cotta of Stuttgart, interleaved with carbon copies of letters from Cotta to himself, spanning 1905-21. There is no published catalogue. Also letters from Schenker to August Halm in the main Archive.

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