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Heyer Musikhistorisches Museum, Cologne
Heyer Musikhistorisches Museum, Cologne. founded by Wilhelm Heyer (1849-1913) in 1906, rich
Aufruf : November 1927
Photogrammarchiv, Vienna: Appeal for Contributions of Photographic Materials MUSIKSAMMLUNG DER NATIONALBIBLIOTHEK WIEN
Photogrammarchiv (full original name: Archiv für Photogramme musikalischer Meisterhandschriften (Archive for Photographic
Schenker Institute, Hamburg : Prospectus
Prospectus of the Schenker Institute, Hamburg, undated [1931-34] Source: OJ 58/41 SCHENKER-INSTITUT
Mannes Music School
Mannes Music School. Classical music conservatory in New York City, founded by
Institute of Music Art, New York
Institute of Musical Art, musical conservatory founded by Frank Damrosch (1859–1937) in
Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde
Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde (Society for the Friends of Music), association of musical
Freie Schulgemeinde
Freie Schulgemeinde (Free School Community), boarding school, and also journal produced by
Steuerbehörde (Steueradministration), tax authorities. Those for Heinrich Schenker, who submitted tax returns
Urania, the Wiener Urania, located on the Aspernplatz, Vienna I, commonly known
Santini-Sammlung (Santini Collection), comprehensive collection of sources of Italian music of the
Horak Musikschule
Horak Musikschule, private school of music, founded in 1867 by Eduard Horak
Neues Wiener Konservatorium
Neues Wiener Konservatorium, private music school founded by Theobald Kretschmann (a court
Kaiser Musikschule
Kaiser Musikschule, private teaching institution in Vienna, founded by Karl Kaiser (1837-90),
Lutwak-Patonay-Konservatorium, private music school located on the Mühlgasse in Vienna's 4th district
American Conservatory of Music
American Conservatory of Music, Chicago, Ill., music school founded by John J.
Pfrinmer-Musikschule, small private music school located at Vienna VIII (Josefstadt), Florianigasse 34
Kleinecke-Musikschule, small private music school located at Vienna VII, Burggasse 36 in

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